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Construct Your Building with Arizona's Toughest Steel Builder

Cutter Steel & Contracting serving Tucson, Arizona, and the rest of the state, is a builder and designer of quality steel construction. Our metal stairs and buildings are the best in the industry. Backed by more than 10 years of experience, we can provide you with a custom design to meet your individual needs. Our experience, customer satisfaction, and quality materials make us stand apart from the competition.

Structural Steel

Wood framing is now a thing of the past. Build anything from the ground up with the brute strength and modern sleekness of steel. With our design and construction services, we create new buildings, stairs, and decks. We only work with top quality materials, like GLB Series beam-to-concrete connectors for deck joists. You'll love the modern look of exposed steel and the longevity can't be beat.

Stairs and Handrails

Ensure safety with the superior structural capabilities and noncombustible qualities of steel. We design and build custom stairs and handrails for commercial and residential clients. Our work is suitable for any location and situation, including 30-inch rise for handrails and transitions between levels (for example, the first to second floor or basement to first floor). Steel provides an industrial modern look.

Steel Frame

Column and Beams

Metal Buildings

Enjoy your new building faster and for a lower cost when you build with metal. We'll help you with the whole process, starting with design and permitting, as well as concrete and electrical work, all the way up to the completion of the entire structure. You'll have a nice building at an economical price.

Small Projects

Get expedited service for your small steel and shipped loose products. We offer miscellaneous steel and contracting services. Any homebuilder, general contractor, or individual may contact us for:

• Bollards
• Sidewalk Scuppers
• Beams
• Bicycle Racks
• Plate Washers
• Embeds
• Columns